Feliks Kaparchuk is a self-taught artist specializing in acrylic painting for 17 years.

He is best known for his signature blending style, which allows him to create instantly-recognizable vistas of electrifying color. Feliks communicates most powerfully through color itself, allowing striking blends, arrangements, and gradients of color to convey the rapture he feels with the world's beauty. His works possess an immediacy of feeling; the colors themselves evoking emotions almost like a musical arrangement.

Feliks' art is itself inspired by a global spirit. He is passionate about travel, which allows him to experience different cultures, architecture, and landscapes. While all these new inspirations inevitably make their way into his work, they are ultimately just affirmations of what he has pursued all along: a humble feeling of joy at the beauty of God's creation and the human spirit. Feliks' work radiates this awestruck perspective through color, and his life outside the paintings is part of this same spirit. He uses his platform to promote lesser-known artists and to give away a constant stream of free art education. He is constantly engaging with his supporters and encouraging them to throw themselves into their creative pursuits.

He made his name as one of the most prominent artists on social media, with a combined audience of over two million supporters all over the globe.

Since moving into the Fine Art space, Feliks has inspired global collectors to acquire his work. His artworks now hang in the homes of collectors in the U.S., Canada, France, Monaco, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, and more. The global and multicultural nature of his audience and collectors is a testament to the emotional universality of his work.

Ultimately, Feliks is an experimenter at heart. He is never comfortable settling into one rhythm or technique for too long, and sees every work as an opportunity to challenge himself with new ideas. This creative restlessness has yielded much fruit already and Feliks cannot wait to uncover new horizons to explore in the world of color. Currently, these are four series born of his passionate and endless experimentalism: Abstract series, Cloud series, Blending series, and Landscape series